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  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a
short essay on the importance of reading ability and how to develop it。
You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words。


  第一段:描述我们爱惜阅读的场景(此处用王菲(Faye Wong)先生

  第二段:解析爱护阅读的缘由。(此处用王菲(wáng fēi )先生

亚搏体育app网站www.yabo2288.com,  第三段:升高阅读的方法。(此处用王菲女士先生

  Faye Wong“三八大盖”版参考范文

www.yabo2288.com解析注重阅读的由来。  Reading ability has attracted extensive attention of the society,
which can be found in 电视 programs, newspapers, university classes and
many aspects of our everyday life。 (现象 / 难题呈报效率段)

  A number of factors are accountable for this situation。 One of the
most common factors is that reading enables readers to get more
problem-solving and stress-dealing tips which are indispensable both to
their career and family。 Another contributing cause is that the
government encourages the activity of reading, like holding some
reading forums or reading festivals。 The reading activities tell people
that reading is not that far from us, not that boring for us, it is
more accessible and lovely。 (剖析原因成效段)

  Confronted with reading ability,we should take a series of
effective measures to cope with the situation。 First and foremost,
online reading apps should be developed so that people can get reading
materials from anywhere at any time。 Secondly, local governments could
provide more fund supporting to reading organizations so more types of
books can be developed。

  With the efforts of all parts concerned, reading ability will be
developed thoroughly。 (消除难点功用段)


  There is no denying the importance of reading。 Without it, it is
difficult to live a happy life no matter how much money or success one
has。 In order to develop our reading competence, it is imperative to
take the following steps。

  The first step is to keep regular hours to read, as is well-known
to all of us that a good habit-formation requires at least 21 days。
Following the regular reading routine, therefore, we enable to
accelerate reading speed and improve reading ability step by step。 The
second step is to read a variety of reading materials, for it can
cultivate our comprehensive reading ability。 Nowadays, diverse types
of reading are provided to us, such as newspaper, magazine, journal
and so on and so forth。 What is also worth mentioning is that the
development of the Internet brings convenience and availability for us
to read online, which get rid of the limitation of time and space。
Third, I tend to reckon that we are supposed to take notes when we
read。 Apparently, when we write something down, it will inevitably
reinforce our memory and help us to reflect on our reading process,
which in turn will further our reading metacognition and overall

www.yabo2288.com解析注重阅读的由来。  There are a multitude of things we can do to develop our reading
competence。 The crucial thing, however, is to discover one that fits
you most and consist on it。

  名师王菲(Faye Wong)版参谋范文

  In terms of language learning, reading is fundamental and

  Linguistic output hinges on imput, while eading and listening are
the two parts of linguistic imput。 When we listen, the information we
could receive is limited because of our brains could only accept one
syllable at one time。 But we could receive a great deal of information
when we read。 People have developed many reading skills of enhance
their imput ability, such as skim, scan, intensive reading, etc。 As
long as we consciously train ourselves these reading skills, we may
accumulate a huge knowledge reserve, then we could express our ideas
well–to ensure our linguistic output。

  Overall, my advice is, when one intend to improve one‘s reading
ability, pick up any reading materials at once。

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